The Blues Infusion is well known in Austrian blues scene. Settled on the capital Vienna, they have practically played in each Austrian corner and have participated several times in the famous Vienna Blues Spring festival. Some years ago The Blues Infusion overcame their country borders as well as classic blues borders to give us a more sophisticated blues approach more in accordance with the new century times. There were guitar player Peter Peduzzi and bass player Fritz Salek who founded the band in year 2009. After various changes they have included some of the most experienced and able Austrian musicians such as Peter Dürr on vocals, Werner Müller on keyboards and Mick Glantschnig on drums. With them the band performs a more eclectic music without leaving aside the special place they have always kept for the blues. In fact the album was recorded in year 2013 and now the group plans to publish a new one this year but, until the moment it sees the light, you can get a copy of this "Stepping Keys" which will surely call your attention. VERY GOOD.